Liposuction Of The Upper Arms

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Arm liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that can treat the accumulation of fat on the upper arm. It can help address excess fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. For many patients, no matter how many tricep curls they do, they just can’t get rid of the pockets of fat that have built up on their upper arms. 

Fortunately, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Younai has the skills and knowledge to help people with excess arm fat. Dr. Younai has gained extensive experience performing thousands of liposuction procedures at his Beverly Hills office. For more information about receiving arm liposuction from Dr. Younai, call (818) 386-1222 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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About Arm Liposuction

Arm liposuction is a specialized type of liposuction that targets excess fat in the upper arms. It involves making a small incision close to the excess fat. Through this incision, surgeons use a thin tube called a cannula to break up the fat and prepare it for removal. Then, using suction through the cannula, they remove the fat cells from the arm. (1) Liposuction experts like Dr. Younai can take measured amounts of fat cells from specific areas of the upper arm to sculpt a natural contour. He can also remove any “bra fat,” the small pockets of fat just above the armpit at the juncture of the arm and upper chest.

For many patients, liposuction of the upper arm is the only way to reduce the stubborn pockets of fat that build up there. It is a delicate surgical procedure and requires the surgeon to have intimate knowledge of the nerves and muscles of the upper arm. Dr. Younai is highly experienced with this area of the body and has performed countless liposuction procedures to get rid of excess fat in this very area. An important factor in arm liposuction is the size of the upper arm and the patient’s level of skin elasticity. For women with large upper arms that have sagging skin due to low skin elasticity, the best result comes from a combination of liposuction and an arm lift. During your initial consultation and examination, Dr. Younai will recommend the best way of achieving a feminine and slender arm profile.

Benefits of Arm Liposuction

Receiving an arm liposuction procedure from Dr. Younai comes with many benefits. These include:

  • Reducing the discomfort that you feel about your appearance
  • Renewing your self-confidence and boosting your self-esteem
  • Providing new motivation to stay in shape
  • Allowing you to live the life you want to live while wearing the clothes you want to wear
  • Increasing the amount and types of tops that you are comfortable wearing

Who is a Candidate for Arm Liposuction?

An ideal candidate for Dr. Younai’s arm liposuction procedure will be ready to get rid of the excess fat on their upper arms that has remained resistant to diet and exercise. They will also have good skin laxity, as liposuction is not designed to tighten excess skin. If excess skin is an issue, Dr. Younai can perform arm liposuction in conjunction with an arm lift, which can remove excess skin and tighten the arm shape. 

Eligible candidates should be in relatively good health and at or close to their target weight, as liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. It works best for patients who have already reached their target weight and have identified pockets of fat around their body that refuse to burn off. 

Personal Consultation

At your consultation, Dr. Younai can answer any questions that you have about the arm liposuction procedure. Together you can discuss your beauty goals, and he can examine your arms to determine which procedure will work best for you. He will ask you some questions about your medical history, as well as run some tests to assess if surgery is a safe option for you at this time. 

Dr. Younai values patient satisfaction above all else, and he wants to help you achieve the body that you have always wanted. To arrange your consultation, call (818) 386-1222 or fill out this form for more information.


Preparing for your arm liposuction procedure is a vital step in ensuring that your treatment is a success. There are a variety of things you can do to prepare your body for surgery and enhance its ability to heal. We will provide you with personalized preparation instructions based on the information we gather at your consultation. These may include altering medications, as well as recommendations for your diet and lifestyle. 

Before any surgery, you should avoid blood-thinning substances that can cause excess bleeding. These include anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen and supplements like vitamin E. If you smoke, you should stop for a substantial period before and after your procedure. The negative health effects of smoking can cause complications during surgery and affect your ability to heal. Don’t forget to prepare your home for recovery. Because of the location of treatment for this procedure, your range of motion will be limited. Place everything you will need within reach. Lastly, be sure to arrange for a ride home from our facilities on the day of your treatment. 

Arm Liposuction Procedure

Dr. Younai performs arm liposuction procedures on an outpatient basis, which means you can go home the same day as your treatment. When you come in for your surgery, we will administer general anesthesia to prevent discomfort. Once you are prepared, Dr. Younai will begin the liposuction procedure.

Tumescent liposuction requires not only great surgical technique but also refined artistic ability in sculpting a natural and feminine upper arm. It involves Dr. Younai preparing the fat for removal with a special fluid containing an anesthetic and a vasoconstricting substance. This causes the arm fat to become solid and provides an anesthetic effect to further reduce discomfort. The vasoconstrictor element is what makes this technique safer than traditional liposuction, as it constricts the capillaries, making blood loss a non-issue. (2) When the fat has been prepared with the tumescent fluid, Dr. Younai inserts the cannula through small incisions and removes the excess fat. He will complete the sculpting process in about one hour, depending on your treatment plan. 


After your surgery, we will leave your incisions open so that the tumescent fluid can drain out. We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to manage this drainage. We will wrap your treatment area with a compression sleeve that you should wear continuously for 48 hours before you take your first shower. After that, you will need to continue to wear the compression sleeve for three to six weeks to ensure that your skin fully reattaches to the underlying tissues.

You may feel tired and possibly nauseated following the procedure. Reliable care from a friend or family member is necessary for the first 24 hours to assist with simple tasks as needed. We will provide pain and anti-nausea medication with instructions on how to use them as needed. You may resume everyday activities and exercise when you feel comfortable, typically three to six weeks after the procedure. 

You can expect some swelling and some bruising for a period after your surgery. It is not unusual to see dimpling and unevenness in the treatment area for several weeks. These symptoms will resolve over time.


The final results of your arm liposuction procedure will be obscured by swelling for a few weeks up to several months. However, you will be able to see a noticeable improvement in the appearance of your upper arms immediately.

How Much Does Arm Liposuction Cost in Beverly Hills?

The details of the arm liposuction depend on a variety of factors, and the exact cost varies according to the specific plan created during your consultation. To learn more about how much arm liposuction costs in Beverly Hills, call (818) 386-1222 or visit our contact page.


How can I get rid of “batwing” arms?

If your skin has good elasticity, your surgeon may recommend arm liposuction to help contour a smoother, slimmer arm silhouette. Where there is a large amount of excess skin, they may recommend brachioplasty, also known as an arm lift.

Does arm liposuction leave visible scarring?

While minimal scarring is a common concern, surgeons employ advanced techniques to strategically place incisions in discreet locations, minimizing visible scarring. With proper post-operative care and scar management, any residual scarring typically fades over time, leaving behind smooth, toned arms.

How long does recovery from arm liposuction last?

Recovery from arm liposuction requires some downtime. Most patients can return to work after two weeks. Resuming exercise and other physical activity will take a bit longer, usually from three to six weeks. 

Is arm liposuction permanent?

Once the fat cells are removed during arm liposuction, they will not come back. In this sense, arm liposuction is permanent. However, the remaining fat cells will still be susceptible to fluctuations in weight. Significant weight changes may affect the aesthetic results of your procedure.


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