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Calf Liposuction Los Angeles Beverly Hills

Until recently, women with large calves and poorly defined ankles had few choices in remedying this problem. The solution for many of them was to camouflage their large calves by only wearing long skirts or pants.

Liposuction techniques now address this area, and Dr. Sean Younai delivers top results in calf liposuction in Los Angeles. He is a board certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon, with the skill and artistic ability needed to sculpt the lower leg and ankle.

Calf Reduction

The lower leg, including the knees and ankles, respond very well to carefully planned liposuction procedures.

Fat deposits that are masking the natural graceful shape of the lower leg can be located and removed thus restoring shape and removing excess bulk. Women who have had calf liposuction are delighted to be able to wear fashionable boots and short skirts again.

Dr. Younai uses a micro cannula, which is less than 3mm, to allow him to very precisely remove excess fat deposits while sculpting the remaining fatty tissue. If the inner knee has accumulated fat, he can remove this during the same session. The effect he wants for his patients is a gently curving silhouette from the thigh to the ankle.

He utilizes his skill and training to deliver effective calf reduction in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, to patients from all over, helping them achieve their image goals.


Patients with excess fat on their calves are good candidates for this procedure.

If the fullness of the calves is caused by muscle, liposuction won’t be effective in reducing the size of the calves. Bone structure is also a factor, particularly in the ankles. Most patients enjoy a marked improvement in their lower legs, even if the amount of fat removed is small. In this area, small changes can make a big difference in the overall shape of the leg.

Patients must have reasonable expectations and be in good health. Dr. Younai has thousands of before and after photos to share with his prospective patients. He matches patients who have similar body types and issues to illustrate the possibilities for improvement.


Dr. Younai’s preferred method is the tumescent liposuction method. Patients are given a local anesthetic and IV sedation if needed. Once this has taken effect, Dr. Younai makes tiny well placed incisions to allow the insertion of the micro cannula just under the skin.

The calf liposuction procedure takes about 2 hours and is done under local anesthetic.

A special fluid is infused into the target area which causes it to swell and become firm. This fluid contains an anesthetic and a vaso constrictor which has a twofold purpose. The anesthetic keeps patients so comfortable there is no need for the more risky general anesthetic. The anesthesia can last up to 24 hours. Secondly, the vaso constrictor shrinks the capillaries, thus virtually eliminating blood loss.

Patients experience far less bruising and swelling with the procedure and experience the benefits of their liposuction much faster than using other methods.


Patients will likely be nauseated after the procedure, but this is anticipated and medication is given to prevent this. Pain is managed though prescription medication or Tylenol. For the first 24 hours following surgery, patients might be groggy and there will be more fatigue for a few days.

Compression stockings will be worn continuously, except for showering, for several weeks. There will be draining from the tiny entrance incisions which are intentionally left open so facilitate the expulsion of all the fluid.

Patients can return to work usually in a week but must limit going to the gym for about 4 weeks. Massage is important to the successful outcome, and patients are asked to massage the areas 3 or 4 times a day for 4 weeks or as long as Dr. Younai suggests.

Having curvy well proportioned legs is a goal that can be attained and should be at least investigated. Dr Younai will recommend a treatment plan once he examines his prospective patients and will be completely honest about results with calf liposuction in Beverly Hills at his office.

Consulting With Dr. Younai

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