Neck Liposuction

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Neck liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure to eliminate the submental fat that contributes to the appearance of a double chin. With this slimming technique, surgeons can help patients attain a more youthful, aesthetically pleasing facial profile and jawline. Many patients who seek out this procedure are genetically predisposed to storing fat in their face and neck, and the aging process exacerbates the issue further. 

With liposuction, surgeons can permanently remove fat in this area and help patients restore their confidence in the way they feel about themselves. They can accomplish dramatic changes using just an incision a fraction of an inch just below the chin, so any tiny scar is discreetly hidden. Sometimes, surgeons will need to make one incision behind each ear to access other areas of the neck below the chin area.

If an unsightly double chin and a fuller neck are keeping you from feeling attractive and satisfied with your appearance, neck liposuction may be the right choice for you. To inquire about this procedure, book a consultation with Dr. Sean Younai, board-certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience

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About Neck Liposuction

Fatty deposits under the chin can be frustrating for anybody, most notably because they are often resistant to diet and exercise. Neck liposuction can be an effective alternative to a neck lift or facelift for some patients. Reduction of fat in the area reveals a better-defined, sculpted jawline. You can appear younger, thinner, and more attractive when the fatty deposits under the chin are reduced.

Our Beverly Hills plastic surgeon uses advanced liposuction techniques to produce beautiful results, with reduced scarring and bruising. Recovery time is shorter, as only small, strategically placed incisions are necessary.

Why Neck Liposuction?

Since debuting in the 1970s, liposuction has remained one of the most sought-after and consistent cosmetic procedures. Surgeons performed around 210,000 liposuction procedures in the United States in the year 2020, and statisticians have found that liposuction has remained in the top 5 most requested elective procedures. (1) 

Small Incisions

Surgeons use incisions that are roughly the size of a centimeter or less, so these procedures have an excellent safety profile. (2) Through these insignificant openings, surgeons can access almost any area of subcutaneous fat tissue and remove it using a thin suctioning device called a cannula. Usually, sutures are not required or they are extremely minimal. In just the past decade, researchers have developed around 50 new liposuction techniques and/or devices to further improve the procedure’s efficacy and safety.

Small-Volume Procedure

Neck liposuction is a small-volume liposuction procedure, meaning that surgeons only need to suction a relatively small amount of fat to create a more slender neck. It is such a popular treatment for the neck/submental area since this area is more resistant to weight loss and exercise changes and features thinner skin more prone to sagging. Any fat beneath the chin can cause a bulging appearance, contributing to a more aged and tired look. 

Submental neck liposuction is beneficial for both men and women; men seek it out to create a more masculine definition in their jawline whereas women may undergo it to recreate a more delicate, feminine-looking neck. 

Candidates for Neck Liposuction

Ideal candidates for neck liposuction have good skin elasticity and skin that will be able to heal optimally and not sag after the procedure. Patients opting for this procedure typically have a “double chin” or fatty deposits along the jawline and neck. While Dr. Younai prefers to perform all cosmetic procedures on non-smokers, he will be flexible with those who are willing to commit to at least quitting temporarily to enhance their blood circulation. 

Patients should have realistic expectations and be willing to sustain their results with weight management. Even though liposuction removes fat cells, those remaining can enlarge with weight gain. Patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, or other conditions should have it well-managed long before their scheduled procedure date. Dr. Younai reviews each patient’s medical history to ensure that liposuction is a safe option.

Personal Consultation

During your consultation, your surgeon will take a closer look at your neck and submental region and ask you about the changes you would like to see post-procedure. They will go over the preparation specifics for liposuction, the procedure itself, the tools involved with the procedure, and what the recovery entails. If you have any questions or concerns, they will listen intently and provide you with thorough answers. Though liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure, we understand that it is still a major decision. Dr. Younai does everything in his power to ensure that you feel comfortable and excited about your decision to undergo neck liposuction.

To request your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Younai, call (310) 275-1971 or use our online form. He has office locations in both Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.

Neck Liposuction Procedure Steps 

Before removing the targeted fat, your surgeon will first numb the chin area with local anesthesia, injecting a solution called tumescent fluid. They may numb around the ears if incisions are required there as well. As the fluid enters into the fatty deposits, it helps separate it from other tissues and prepare it for extraction. The fluid also contains an anesthetic to alleviate discomfort during the procedure and a vasoconstrictor that causes the capillary veins to contract. This liposuction technique drastically reduces the risk of unwanted bleeding or bruising.

Once the fluid has numbed the area, your surgeon will insert a cannula through the discreet incisions under the chin/around each ear to dislodge and remove excess fat. They will utilize techniques to accentuate the natural definition of your neck and jawline. The neck has little fat in comparison to other parts of the body, which is why it is essential to undergo the procedure with a highly-skilled, experienced plastic surgeon who can work around this delicate area. 

Once your surgeon has removed the excess fat, they will apply surgical bandages to protect the incisions, but no sutures are required. In total, the surgery takes about half an hour to an hour, depending on the fat extraction required. They will prescribe a compression garment around the chin and neck to mitigate swelling and help the skin retract to its new contours.

Recovery and Results

Though you will have some bruising and swelling, you should not expect to have an intensive recovery after neck liposuction due to the usage of tumescent fluid and small incisions. You should be able to resume work and light exercise 1 to 3 days after your procedure. Your surgeon will schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure that healing is progressing as it should. You should be able to return to the gym around the 10-day mark, and your surgeon will give you clearance based on their assessment. Over the next few weeks, the swelling will slowly subside, but any mild bruising will resolve much sooner. Your surgeon will provide you with further instructions regarding lymphatic massage to further encourage swelling reduction. 

You will notice more slender contours right after the procedure, but it will take time for the final results to settle in completely. You should expect the most contoured effects 3 to 6 months post-procedure. 

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 


Kybella is an injectable treatment made of deoxycholic acid that destroys fat cells in the submental region. Deoxycholic acid is an enzyme naturally produced in the liver, so it is entirely biocompatible. After fat cells are destroyed, the lymphatic system removes these dead cells from the treated area and creates similar sculpting results that liposuction can provide. Patients can form their desired look with a series of Kybella injections. Though there may be some temporary swelling after each treatment session, there is no downtime required

Cost of Neck Liposuction in West Hollywood

The cost of your neck liposuction procedure will depend on how much fat removal is required, post-procedure follow-up appointments, and surgical fees that will contribute to your high-quality experience at the California Center for Plastic Surgery. You can expect to receive a total cost estimate during your consultation with Dr. Younai. Consider applying for one of our available financing options with CareCredit. 

For any questions about the process, the procedure itself, or a breakdown of the costs, we invite you to call (310) 275-1971 or fill out our contact form. Though you can visit our West Hollywood or Beverly Hills locations, you can also request a virtual consultation for your convenience. We cannot wait to help you along your body-sculpting journey.  


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