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various breast implant typesThere have been great advances in breast implant materials over the years, making them not only safe and durable, but improving the natural feel and movement of the implants. Traditionally two types of breast implants have been used by plastic surgeons; silicone filled and saline filled.

With modern advances in materials, patients can now choose the type of silicone gel they want in their implants along with the size of implant they are considering.

The decision making process has become more complex as advances have been made which can be confusing for patients. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Younai has performed thousands of breast implant procedures and is happy to help his patients find their way through the confusion of information concerning breast augmentation.

What Size Should I Choose?

Besides deciding on the type of implant, there are decisions to be made regarding the overall volume of the implant and the amount of projection outward. The shell itself can be smooth or textured. There are other decisions that must be made when considering breast augmentation. How wide is the patient’s chest area? Is the patient petite? Does the patient want a dramatic or a subtle change?

These decisions are best made after a full series of consultations with Dr. Younai because of the many factors that go into choosing the right size and type of breast implant. Choosing the wrong size can not only create an unwanted cosmetic result, but implants that are too large can cause complications.

Patients can quickly become overwhelmed with the decision-making process unless they are being guided by a board-certified plastic surgeon whose practice is focused on breast procedures.  Natural-looking breast implants in Los Angeles begin with careful planning which is brought to perfection in the hands of a skilled surgeon.

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Saline Or Silicone?

Both types of implant have advantages and disadvantages which Dr. Younai will thoroughly explain during your consultations. Most patients choose silicone implants because of their proven safety record and the natural feel and movement of this type of breast implant. Silicone implants also provide a larger array of choices concerning shape and size.

Some patients feel there is a risk with silicone implants and for these patients, saline breast implants provide peace of mind particularly if they are concerned about the rare possibility of silicone leaking into their system.

‘Gummy Bear’ Breast Implants

One of the most popular types of breast implants Beverly Hills surgeons use is nick-named the ‘gummy bear’ implant.

This is a type of silicone implant composed of a highly cohesive gel that stays in place even in cases where the shell has been ruptured through impact trauma or accidentally punctured during a medical procedure such as a biopsy.

This type of implant is shaped like the natural breast with more fullness at the bottom. The texture is firmer than traditional silicone gel implants but is considered by some women to feel more natural than other types of breast implants.

Traditional silicone gel implants are round and when patients stand up, the fullness naturally gravitates down. In some women with very little breast tissue and thin skin, this can cause a cosmetic problem.

For others, these silicone gel implants provide exactly the amount of volume, projection, and movement they are hoping for.

Implant Placement

Saline implants have an advantage concerning the size of the incision in that the implant is not filled until it is in place. The saline implant shell is folded, inserted and then filled before the incision is closed. This gives the surgeon the ability to adjust the fill volume so that it meets the patient’s wishes. Silicone implants are sized before surgery after patients have decided whether they want a subtle or a dramatic change.

Choosing The Right Breast Implants Requires Teamwork

Choosing the best breast implants requires a considerable amount of information so that patients can know the outcome of each decision. The end result is affected by these decisions.

In each case, Dr. Younai and his patient discuss all options so that each patient achieves the goals agreed upon and envisioned for the surgery.

Whether saline or silicone, textured or smooth, the decision process is always one of guidance and communication. In this way Dr. Younai consistently provides his patients with among the best breast implants Beverly Hills residents could hope for.

Call for a private consultation to begin your journey of personal enhancement. Dr. Younai is as enthusiastic as his patients in planning their return to a more youthful version of themselves or in correcting a body image that is preventing them from being truly happy with their appearance.

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