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As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Younai is a highly qualified specialist in facial cosmetic surgery in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. Whether you are seeking to reverse the signs of age or refine your overall appearance, Dr. Younai can assist you in reaching your goals.


facelift los angeles
A full facelift in Los Angeles is a combination of several procedures defined by the specific area being rejuvenated. These include the forehead, mid-face or cheeks, and the lower face and neck. Not all patients who see Beverly Hills board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Younai need rejuvenation surgery in all areas of the face. For example, a forehead lift can also lift the brows and open the eye area for a more youthful expression thus eliminating the need for eyelid surgery.

Depending on the amount of sagging, a mid-face, or cheek lift which lifts and tightens the area around the cheeks and mouth, can be sufficient to remove the nasal labial folds and redefine the jawline. Cosmetic surgery requires great skill and artistry to ensure the final result is natural, resulting in a youthful version of the patient.

Dr. Younai has thousands of delighted patients who have shed years from their appearance and regained a renewed vigor for life. He has a library of thousands of before and after photos to illustrate what patients can expect when having a facelift in Beverly Hills at his office.

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Brow Lift

brow lift los angeles
A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, reduces the appearance of horizontal expression lines as well as the vertical frown lines which develop between the eyebrows. People seeking a brow lift in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills can visualize their final result during their initial consultation with Dr. Younai.

After evaluating his patient’s facial structure, skin elasticity, and tone, he will recommend which procedure will best accomplish the greatest rejuvenation. He has thousands of before and after photos to use to illustrate the final results in people with similar issues. A brow lift will reduce the excess skin which accumulates over the eyes to some extent so that eyebrow surgery can be postponed.

For some patients, one of the most important advantages of a brow lift is the elimination of the ‘too serious’ expression that frown lines create.

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Facial Fat Grafting

facial fat grafting los angeles
Loss of volume is one of the prime causes of the appearance of aging, especially in the face. Fat loss around the eyes, cheeks, and jawline can now be restored through a procedure called fat grafting. In this procedure, fat is taken from the patient’s abdomen or other preferred areas, purified, and then injected into the area in tiny droplets. This procedure is particularly attractive to patients who do not want to undergo a facelift.

Women from Los Angeles and Beverly Hills seeking facial fat grafting instead of a facelift can consult with Dr. Younai to determine if this procedure will give them the degree of rejuvenation they seek. Women are seeking cosmetic enhancement at a younger age than in prior years, and fat transfer is suitable for many of them. Women of all ages can benefit from this procedure, but the subtle nature of fat grafting might be more suitable for patients in their 40s and 50s.

Dr. Younai often uses a combination of fat grafting and facelift techniques to produce beautiful and natural rejuvenation results. This technique smoothes the face and restores the more rounded heart-shaped face of youth.

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rhinoplasty los angeles
Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgeries in Dr. Younai’s Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice. This procedure is done not only for cosmetic reasons, but to correct breathing difficulties, breathing-related sleep apnea, and fractures caused by injuries.

Rhinoplasty can improve the balance of the face by shortening the length of the nose and reducing the width of the nostrils. Humps or bumps can be smoothed down and the tip of the nose can be reduced and reshaped. Artistry is called for during this procedure to ensure the changes result in a functioning nose that is in proportion to the rest of the face without completely altering the appearance of the patient.

This is more than cosmetic surgery, even if all that is desired is a more aesthetic nose. Only a board-certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon has the training and experience necessary for this complex and delicate surgical procedure.

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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

ethnic rhinoplasty los angeles
Ethnic rhinoplasty is a specialized field that has recently gained popularity for those seeking a change without losing what is unique about their heritage. Dr. Younai is well versed in the differences between the Caucasian nose and African American, Asian, or Middle Eastern noses.

The nose is the most prominent feature of the face and patients seeking to improve their appearance want to achieve balance by refining their unique features, not eliminating them. Dr. Younai evaluates each patient to determine their goals for the surgery and then provides his insight on the best way of achieving them.

He can make subtle changes to reduce the flare of the nostril or to change the angle of the nose. He can elongate the tip, create a bridge or soften a feature of the nose that is dominating the face. Ethnic patients can achieve the balance and symmetry they seek without sacrificing the unique characteristics that define their heritage.

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blepharoplasty los angeles
An eyelid lift, also known as blepharoplasty, is done to remove and tighten excess skin in the upper eye. It also removes fatty deposits from above and below the eye and tightens the skin to smooth and open the eye area. In addition to cosmetic improvement, an eyelid lift can improve the peripheral vision of patients who have excess skin that obstructs their sight line.

This procedure is popular among men and women due to the dramatic improvement in appearance that is possible from this relatively minor procedure. One indicator that an eyelid lift might benefit a patient is if they are constantly being asked if they are tired. Having a vibrant, engaged expression is important in today’s visual and competitive world.

Most patients can return to work after a week, but it will be about a month before all swelling and bruising are completely gone. Scarring is a concern for people considering a blepharoplasty. Dr. Younai is renowned for his skill in incision placement and wound closure. After the first phase of recovery, the scars are virtually invisible.

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otoplasty los angeles
Otoplasty is surgery that corrects defects in the shape, proportion, or placement of the ears. Birth defects and deformities caused by accidents can also be repaired by board-certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon, Dr. Sean Younai. At his Beverly Hills practice, he routinely sees patients who wish to regain their self-confidence by correcting protruding ears.

Children as young as 6 years old can potentially be good candidates for otoplasty depending on their emotional development. Parents who wish to save their child from teasing and the resulting decrease in self-confidence can consult with Dr. Younai to determine if their child is ready for otoplasty. Recovery usually involves sleeping with a compression band for a few weeks to ensure the ears heal thoroughly with no undue pressure or tugging.

Because the sutures are placed behind the ears, scarring is virtually invisible. Patients can return to work within a few days and must limit strenuous activity for several weeks to allow the ears to fully heal. Otoplasty can restore confidence and quality of life to patients who have suffered from protruding ears, enlarged earlobes, or asymmetric ears.

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Facial Implants

facial implants los angeles
Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Younai has had great success using facial implants in patients who wish to add definition to flat or weak facial features. Formerly, a patient’s own bone or cartilage was harvested for use in building up a weak chin or jawline. Today there are silicone or polyethylene implants that eliminate the harvesting of bone or cartilage and can be used to define the cheekbones, chin, jaw, and nose.

Getting the best effect from facial implants requires artistic skill as well as surgical skill. Artistic skill is important in the final outcome because if the implants are too large or placed incorrectly, the effect will be unnatural. To minimize the appearance of scars, surgical skill is vital. Dr. Younai is a perfectionist when it comes to incision placement and closure.

As long as patients adhere to their postoperative instructions, these virtually disappear over time. It is important to keep any incisions out of the sun particularly for the first year, even with the use of sunscreen. Facial implants can give patients renewed self-confidence that they are projecting the image they envision to their business contacts, friends, and family.

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