Out-Of-Town Patients

out of town patientsMany of our patients fly in for surgery from international locations such as London, Paris, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

This step-by-step information will help out-of-town patients arrange their plastic surgery procedure and recovery.


Our top informative staff members will provide preliminary information about the procedure in which out-of-town patients are interested in. After this phase, patients arrange to speak with Dr. Younai to discuss the surgical plan. This can also be done in person.

Harpreet, our patient care coordinator then contacts patients to arrange the travel, surgery and recovery facility.

Finances will be arranged and the surgery will be scheduled. The required blood and urine testing will be coordinated, either in the United States or in the patient’s country. Once the surgery has been booked, an email will be sent outlining the preoperative instructions. Consent forms will also be emailed and need to be completed and returned before surgery can proceed.

Two weeks prior to surgery, a current health history will be taken and the final details will be firmed up.

Patients traveling to Los Angeles for their procedure are completely looked after by our stellar support staff. From accommodations needed for accompanying family or friends to the postoperative care facility, patients do not need to trouble themselves with the details.

Our five star services will take care of every detail for our patients who are traveling far from home to have cosmetic surgery.

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