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Mini liposuction is a small-volume liposuction procedure that removes smaller, stubborn pockets of fat for more aesthetically-pleasing body contours. Because it’s a less intensive procedure, it has a significantly shorter recovery time compared to traditional liposuction. One of the most notable advantages of small-volume liposuction (another name given to mini lipo) is that it can be safely performed under local anesthetic, and additional sedation where necessary.(1)

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Fighting Stubborn Fat Pockets

Adipose tissue is the medical term used to describe body fat. This non-fibrous tissue contains adipocytes: specialized cells that store lipids, more commonly known as fat. Adipose Tissue can be found all around the body and has two main classifications:

  • Subcutaneous Fat – Targeted by a variety of cosmetic procedures, our areas of dense subcutaneous fat become more noticeable when we gain weight. Common areas of subcutaneous fat in women include the breasts, stomach, upper thigh and buttocks. For men, it is usually only found in large amounts in the buttocks, upper thigh, and stomach.
  • Visceral Fat – This type of adipose tissue plays a role in protecting the body’s vital organs, but its presence in large quantities, particularly in the abdomen, can pose a number of health risks, including cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.(2)

Large-Volume vs. Small Volume Liposuction

Body fat dysregulation, or abnormal fat distribution, is often characterised by changes in the distribution of adipose tissue. It is associated with a wide range of health conditions, including obesity, lipodystrophy, and metabolic disorders.(3) Liposuction has been a safe, effective way to remove unwanted fat since the early 20th century. The surgical technique is simple and has a very low complication rate.(4) 

There are two main types of liposuction procedure:

Large-Volume Liposuction

As the name suggests, large volume liposuction can remove between 6-8 pounds of adipose tissue from the area targeted. After large-volume lipo, some patients will notice a considerable amount of skin shrinkage as the body adapts to the loss of fat, however, some patients may need excess skin removal. Many people choose large volume liposuction for a single-procedure answer to common stubborn areas of fat such as the abdomen.

Small-Volume Liposuction (Mini Liposuction)

A mini liposuction procedure addresses small, troublesome subcutaneous fat deposits in areas such as the chin, armpits, elbows, and knees. Because there is a smaller, more focused area for treatment, the procedure is considerably faster and more convenient than large-volume lipo. Mini liposuction can free you from the physical and mental effects of small areas of fat that won’t disappear through other means. 

To find out more about liposuction procedures in Beverly Hills, visit Dr. Younai’s blog.

Why Choose a Mini Liposuction Procedure?

Health-conscious men and women of all ages are often faced with an annoying side-effect of our weight loss efforts. Mini liposuction is a successful way to treat stubborn fat in various areas of the body, including:

  • Double Chin
  • Sloping Neck
  • Elbow Fat
  • Armpit Bulge
  • Axillary Breast (“bra-bulges”)(5)
  • Knee Fat

No matter how hard we exercise or how active we are in our everyday lives, there are some areas of the body where fat just won’t budge. Let Dr. Younai solve your problematic fat issues in one simple procedure. Dr. Younai now offers virtual consultations for your convenience! Alternatively, you can call our office in Beverly Hills at (310) 275-1971 to speak to our friendly staff about your plastic surgery options today to start your treatment journey with us.

Candidates for Mini Liposuction

Patients who embrace diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle are much more likely to lose weight, be satisfied with results, have higher self-esteem, and have increased productivity.(6) It is therefore important for men and women considering a mini liposuction procedure to continue to maintain healthy habits both before and after their treatment. Good candidates for mini liposuction are people who:

  • Are not looking for a weight loss solution.
  • Have smaller pockets of unwanted fat.
  • Are in good overall health.
  • Have tried unsuccessfully to lose smaller areas of fat with diet and exercise.
  • Have realistic goals and a positive attitude to cosmetic plastic surgery.

As with most liposuction procedures, the goal is not to lose weight, but to help the body achieve a goal that would not be achievable through any other means but surgery. Check our social media for the latest news about plastic surgery procedures that could benefit you!

Personal Consultation With Dr. Younai

Over many years, Dr. Younai has built a reputation as one of the most diligent, artful plastic surgeons in Los Angeles. During your one-on-one consultation, he will give you his undivided attention and you will show him your troublesome areas of fat. He will examine these areas and outline an individualized treatment plan to help you achieve your long sought-after fat removal goals.

Before Your Surgery

Although a mini liposuction procedure is shorter and more convenient than conventional liposuction, there are still some things you must do to prepare before your surgery date. Dr. Younai strongly recommends:

  • Getting medical testing as directed prior to your procedure.
  • Stopping smoking entirely.
  • Adjusting your medications according to his recommendations.
  • Avoiding taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and certain herbal supplements.

It is important for mini liposuction patients not to take any of the above medications 10 days prior to surgery as these can increase bleeding and bruising. On the day of your surgery, you may be asked to take Compazine, an anti-nausea pill, with water. You should also remove all jewelry and wear loose-fitting clothes for your comfort.

Mini Liposuction Procedure

Thankfully, for patients with busy schedules, mini liposuction can be completed in as little as one hour! Dr. Younai administers local anesthetic and injects a special lipolytic fluid at the site. The lipolytic fluid reduces the number of fat cells around the injection site. He then uses a syringe and very fine cannula to remove the fat. No sutures are necessary after the procedure as the cannula used is very small. Dr. Younai removes the excess fat as needed, then places a bandage over the injection site to secure the area and aid healing.

Mini Liposuction Recovery & Results

mini liposuction los angeles

After your mini liposuction procedure, as with any surgery, you will experience some temporary pain and swelling in the area of treatment. There may be bruising and tenderness, but the discomfort can be quelled with medication prescribed by Dr. Younai. Patients can return home after their mini liposuction procedure and can even return to work the next day. It is important for you to use the time immediately after your surgery to relax and recover in a safe, hassle-free environment, however, unlike more extensive liposuction, patients are encouraged to resume exercise relatively quickly to speed healing. There is minimal swelling and bruising with this procedure and the full results will be realized within a few short weeks! Please see our website for a full list of liposuction procedures from Dr. Younai.

Cost of Mini Liposuction in Beverly Hills

Dr. Younai understands that surgery can be a daunting step to take, especially when costs are factored in. This is why he is completely transparent about the pricing of all of his procedures. He will help you feel at ease with his easy-to-use pricing chart on our website. As with most surgeries, the cost of your mini liposuction procedure will depend on your individual circumstances, and how many areas will undergo treatment, but you can use our costs chart as a guide for each surgical procedure. Financing may also be available for qualified candidates.


What does liposuction remove?

A liposuction procedure removes adipose tissue, more commonly known as fat, reducing the volume fat in a number of areas, including the abdomen, hips, upper arms, and buttocks.

How can I get rid of stubborn fat?

If a healthy diet and frequent exercise have not reduced the fat in certain areas of your body, liposuction can be a great solution. A licensed plastic surgeon can tailor a personalized liposuction procedure to your individual needs.

How is a mini liposuction procedure different from regular liposuction?

Whereas a standard liposuction procedure usually removes large quantities of fat from a given area, mini liposuction, or small-volume liposuction targets smaller areas of fat resistant to good diet and exercise habits.

Does liposuction permanently remove fat?

Yes! Doctors who perform liposuction use a cannula, or small tube, and an aspirator (suction device) to permanently remove fat during a liposuction procedure.


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