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For a rear view worthy of a second look, diet and exercise are seldom enough. Countless delighted women have trusted Dr. Sean Younai to sculpt their buttocks and reduce unsightly bra bulges.

A board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon, with over 15 years of surgical experience, he is among the top specialists in butt and back liposuction in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

Men Benefit From Back Liposuction

Dr. Younai is sought out by men who want to have a physique that is lean, athletic and appealing but have had limited results through diet and exercise alone. Love handles and excess fat on the lower back respond very well to liposuction procedures, provided they are done by a liposuction specialist who is experienced in removing the fibrous fat located on the back in both men and women.

Back liposuction is one of the most popular procedures requested by men, along with neck and flanks or love handles.


Men and women who have maintained a stable weight are good candidates for back and butt liposuction procedures. If the weight is fluctuating, it is better to concentrate on stabilizing weight first.

Women with disproportionate buttocks or large buttocks benefit greatly from butt liposuction. It is impossible to spot-reduce just the outer thighs or just the buttocks. Fat is accumulated or dissipates according to natures plan, not the latest weight loss gadget. Diet and exercise reduces the overall weight but fat distribution will remain in place.

Candidates must be in good health and have any underlying conditions such as asthma or high blood pressure well controlled. Ideal liposuction patients have a positive attitude and realistic goals and timeline expectations. The benefits of liposuction are usually evident right away but there is a transition period where the body must adjust and the final results may take several months to be fully realized.


The liposuction process itself is relatively easy for the back and buttocks areas. Dr. Younai uses a micro cannula for buttock liposuction to enable him to remove just the right amount of fat necessary to sculpt and define the buttocks while creating a graceful transition from the buttocks over the waistline and along the back.

As the buttocks serve a function and an aesthetic purpose, it is vital that removal of fat does not exceed what is needed to provide a cushion for the back and spine.

The micro cannula that Dr. Younai uses allows for multiple entry points to the buttocks that are no larger than 1/8”. In this way he can be extremely exact in the amount of fat he removes and the location from which it is removed.

For the back area of men and women, Dr. Younai applies a more aggressive technique to treat the dense and fibrous back fat. The back is like a blank canvas to work with and fewer incisions are needed to accommodate the larger cannula that is used. A spatula cannula is used to finish the process. Shaped like a flat spatula, it is used to smooth the underside of the skin making muscle definition much clearer once the healing process is complete.

The tumescent liposuction method is Dr. Younai’s preferred method as it is safer and much more comfortable for the patient.

With this method, a large volume of special fluid is infused into the target areas after the local anesthetic takes effect. This fluid has an anesthetic in it and provides long lasting profound anesthesia which can last up to 18 hours. The other component of the fluid is a vaso constrictor which causes the capillaries to contract, thus making blood loss virtually nonexistent.

Is Liposuction Right For Me?

During the initial consultation for liposuction in Los Angeles, Dr. Younai and his prospective patients go over their goals and expectations with a view to ultimately accomplishing them. Dr. Younai prides himself at being able to meet or exceed his patient’s expectations because of the understanding developed during initial consultations.

Dr. Younai has before and after photos of people who have undergone back and butt liposuction in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, which he shares with his prospective patients. There is no pressure to do any procedure and it is expected that patients will do their research before electing to have liposuction.

An initial consultation will get the process started and give patients enough information about the procedure to enable them to make the right decision at the right time.

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