Tummy Tuck FAQ

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Patients of Dr. Sean Younai, tummy tuck surgeon in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, frequently have recurring questions about the procedure, the recovery and the results. Here are the most commonly asked questions.


How Painful Is A Tummy Tuck?

Tummy Tuck FAQ Los Angeles Beverly Hills

A standard tummy tuck feels like a C–Section delivery. Pain levels are difficult to gauge because of the variations in pain sensitivity of patients. The good news is that tummy tuck pain is well controlled with medication. Generally a tummy tuck is less painful than hysterectomy, shoulder surgery or back surgery.


When Can I Take A Shower?

Patients can shower on the second day after surgery and then on a daily basis.


When Can I Lift My Children?

For the first 8 weeks following surgery, you should not lift anything heavier than your toothbrush. Let your spouse or significant other take care of any lifting chores. This will ensure you don’t rip your stitches or strain your incision. This also ensures the best outcome for healing incisions and avoiding wide scars.

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When Can I Exercise?

Light walking can resume 10 to 14 days following surgery. Allow a full 2 months before attempting to lift anything heavy. Heavy weight lifting can cause internal stitches to rupture. This will result in a hernia. Jogging is acceptable after 3 to 4 weeks as long as the compression garment is in place. Arm and leg weights can be used as long as no discomfort is felt while exercising.


When Can I Go Back To Work?

For a patient with a desk job, it is possible to return to work in 2 weeks. Otherwise it may be best to postpone returning to work for 4 to 6 weeks. For patients having more than one procedure, returning to work may need to be postponed for 2 months.

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When Can Sexual Relations Resume?

Follow the same restrictions as for exercising. Abdominal muscles must be allowed to heal for at least 8 weeks. As long as there is no pain involved, sexual relations may be resumed as soon as the patient is comfortable.


Is Depression Common?

Yes. Patients often go through depression while recovering from a tummy tuck or any surgery. Major trauma to the body triggers this response. People respond differently to the changes that take place after cosmetic surgery.

Within a few weeks most patients report that any depression is gone and they are excited about their new look.