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liposuction for the hipsIn a woman, the hips and upper thighs are one of the areas in which fat tends to accumulate. After maximum results have been obtained through diet and exercise, perfection can only be attained through the artful application of liposuction.

The hips require extraordinary precision of the surgeon in order to obtain a graceful curve which blends hips, thighs and the upper torso. Dr. Sean Younai, a top liposuction surgeon, is in high demand by women who want sculpted, well-defined hips that seamlessly blend into the waistline. He understands the curvaceous nature of the feminine form and this understanding is reflected in his work, which is among the best hips liposuction Beverly Hills offers.

Dr. Younai’s before and after photos illustrate the possibilities for his prospective patients so they can evaluate real-life examples of his extraordinary technical and artistic capabilities in hip liposuction.

Hip Liposuction For Curvaceous Hips

Nowhere is the skill of the surgeon more important than when performing liposuction on the hips, flanks and outer thighs of a woman.

Sculpting an hourglass figure with a thin steel cannula takes many years of experience, intimate understanding of the female form and the ability to know when to stop removing fat and start sculpting.

Dr. Younai prefers to use a method of liposuction called the tumescent liposuction method as it allows him to be very hands on during the procedure. In this way he can feel where the concentration of fat is and artfully remove or sculpt it. This has added benefits for the patient such as greater long lasting comfort, due to the infusion of anesthetic into the area. Additionally there is almost no blood loss with the tumescent method.

Because the tumescent method does not require a general anesthetic, Dr. Younai can have the patient turn from side to side to allow him to work on both hips.

Hip Liposuction Procedure

The procedure takes between 1 to 2 hours.

Prior to being brought to the surgical suite, Dr. Younai has patients stand so he can mark the areas to be treated. This allows him to see how their fat settles while the patients are standing. Patients are then made comfortable with a local anesthetic and IV sedation if needed.

There will be very tiny incisions placed in strategic spots where the thin cannula will be inserted under the skin. A large volume of fluid will be infused into the area which will provide anesthesia and prevent blood loss by shrinking the capillaries. Dr. Younai will begin work at this point, removing fat and sculpting the remainder to ensure a graceful curve is created between the flanks and the hips, with among the most beautiful results in hip liposuction Los Angeles provides.

Depending on the amount of fat to be removed, where it is located and overall body proportion, Dr. Younai may treat the hips and flanks together to ensure a smooth transition in this area. This will have been predetermined during the initial consultations.

Patients recover under professional supervision and will be discharged to return home or to a recovery facility. All pre and postoperative instructions are given to patients in writing and Dr. Younai’s staff is charged with helping patients adhere to the instructions. In this way both safety and satisfactory results are ensured.

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