How to Choose Breast Implants

A Personal Decision

Getting breast implants is a personal decision that each patient needs to make for themselves. There are various reasons to choose implants, but when the decision is rooted in cosmetic improvements, there are some guidelines for selecting the most aesthetically pleasing pair for your frame. Dr. Sean Younai, MD, serves patients in Los Angeles, CA, the world’s plastic surgery capital! If you are considering implants, read on, then give us a call to schedule your consultation and learn more. Patients in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood can call (310) 275-1971 or fill out this form, and we will call you back shortly. 

Dr. Younai’s experience and knowledge can help the process of choosing your implants to be fun and educational, so let’s get to it!

Before and After Photos

The Shape of Things

Think back to a time before you developed; what silhouette did you imagine for your figure? Chances are, the mental image you conjured as a prepubescent blended your mother figure’s figure and the beauty ideals presented by the media. Think about how breast shape has evolved throughout the decades:

The Bombshell 50s

Ladies of the 1950s looked to Marilyn Monroe, the iconic bombshell who sets beauty standards even 70 years later. Marilyn inspired a new generation of curves and ushered in the bullet bra, a perky cup that set the breasts on point.

The Twiggy Era

The 1960s was partially a hold-over from the bullet-breasted figures of the 50s, but with a rebellious curve-free movement inspired by Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick. Breasts were out, and boyish silhouettes ruled.

The Bra Burning 70s

The bra-burning feminist movement that started in the late 60s rejected beauty standards established for women by previous generations. Instead, breasts were natural and unsupported, and fists were up!

1980s Video Vixens

Breasts of the 80s were defined in part by lingerie, as women became more sexually empowered, a la Madonna. However, there were also more bare breasts in films than ever before – au natural breasts that shaped the ideals and inspired breast augmentation of the 90s.

The WonderBra 90s

P-push it real good! Women of the 90s who weren’t ready to embrace breast augmentation reached for the next best thing: the ample effects produced by push-up bras. Cleavage was in, and curves were back.

An Early 2000s Implant Odyssey

In 2006, the moratorium on silicone breast implants from the 90s was lifted by the F.D.A. Breast augmentation increased in popularity and continued to grow. Breasts were round and raised, and implants delivered high-impact curves.

Breasts of Today

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures performed by cosmetic surgeons [1]. The focus is on natural-looking, lifted breasts, and we have the techniques and methods to achieve the patient ideal.

When Dr. Younai is consulting with a candidate for surgery, he often suggests bringing in a few photos that represent your ideal breast shape, so meditate on the decade that formed your breast ideals and pull up some images for reference. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Younai in Beverly Hills or the greater California area, call (310) 275-1971.

Proportional Properties

Another element to consider when choosing your implants is the overall body proportions; this is where an experienced surgeon like Dr. Younai is an essential resource. Maybe your desired breast size and shape will perfectly compliment your proportions, or perhaps you need help seeing the forest for the trees. Cosmetic surgery aims to elevate your features, and breast augmentation is no exception. Of course, extreme plastic surgery cases fascinate us all, but this subset of patients is in the minority. For the most part, breast augmentation patients want natural-looking results that are in line with current beauty standards.

When considering your proportions during your consultation, Dr. Younai will provide a “sizer bra” so you can see firsthand how your implants will look and feel.

The Golden Ratio

Surgeons do not have a one-size fits all approach to their procedures, even if they fall under the same umbrella term. Regarding breast augmentation proportional planning, there is something called attractive breast geometry [2], which considers angles and distance from the umbilicus and clavicle mid-point to create divine proportions. Sometimes, bigger isn’t better, so let Dr. Younai guide you to the best size for your measurements.

Should I Choose Silicone or Saline Implants?

So, you’ve decided implants are suitable for your breast augmentation surgery but are you team silicone or saline? Both options have risks and benefits, so the bottom line is which one meets your needs.

Saline Pros

  • Saline breast implants are FDA-approved for augmentation in women age 18 or older. [3]
  • Saline implants are filled with sterile saline once the empty implant is placed in your breast pocket; scarring is minimal.
  • If a saline implant ruptures, the visual effect is immediate because the breast changes shape, but the body safely absorbs leaked saline.

Saline Cons

  • Saline implants do not feel as natural as silicone.
  • Additional surgery is required with a rupture to remove and replace the deflated implant.

Silicone Pros

  • Silicone gel has a natural feel because the viscosity of the filler mimics breast tissue. [4]
  • Silicone breast implants are FDA-approved for augmentation in women 22 or older. [3]
  • Silicone implants offer more choices for shape and size.

Silicone Cons

  • Ruptures are not clinically detectable because the structure retains its shape even with a leak. [4]
  • Because of the increased risk of rupture, the USDA recommends magnetic resonance imaging scans three years after implantation and every two years for life. [4]

Gummy Bear Implants

One of the most popular implants used by the best surgeons is the “gummy bear,” called so because the gel stays in place even if the shell is ruptured. In addition, the shape of these implants is more natural, with greater projection without the need for a wider base. Because the filling is a cohesive gel, the feel of these implants more closely mimics firm, natural breast tissue.

Other implant complications may require additional surgery, including capsular contracture, infection, discomfort, and numbness. That’s why choosing the best board-certified plastic surgeon with a pristine reputation is essential for the future of your implants and your health! Dr. Younai has over 25 years of experience specializing in breast augmentation and reconstruction.

How Do I Choose The Right Size Implant?

First, let’s talk about how implant size is measured. Unlike bra cup size, where a letter is paired with the circumference of your chest to indicate your bra size, implants are measured in CCs or cubic centimeters. This term probably sounds familiar if you’ve watched a medical drama like Gray’s Anatomy: “Ten CCs of [liquid]; stat!” Cubic centimeters are a commonly used unit of volume corresponding to a cube’s volume of 1 cm × 1 cm × 1 cm. One cubic centimeter equals a volume of one milliliter (ml); ml will come in handy later, so keep that in mind.

How Many CCs is a Cup?

The general rule for CC to bra cup conversions is to increase a cup to a cup-and-a-half with every 150-200 CCs added. During your consultation, Dr. Younai will provide you with a special sizer bra with a pocket into which you can easily slide different implant sizers. You will know how various CCs change your appearance by trying different implant sizers with a few shirt options. We recommend bringing the following to your sizer appointment:

  • A shirt you wear now that fits you well
  • A form-fitting t-shirt
  • A shirt you want to fill out with your new implants after surgery.

What is the Most Common Size Breast Implant?

Most patients with petite breasts want to achieve a full C cup, but your implant CC size will depend on the amount of breast tissue you begin with. Another consideration when choosing implants is the base’s width and implant projection, which is how far the implant extends from the chest. Implants with the same CC volume can have different projections and widths.

Dr. Younai has a massive database of his patients before and after photos so take your time perusing the gallery and ask lots of questions.

What Else Should I Know About Implants?

It’s important to remember that breast implants do not offer lift; you will need a surgical lift to address sagging breasts. A Breast Lift is an incredibly effective procedure for patients who have experienced weight loss or volume loss after breastfeeding.

Dr. Younai will discuss things like anesthesia, incision type, and implant placement with you. He can also suggest other options if breast augmentation is unsuitable for you.

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

Smart Lipo

Body contouring is a common next step for patients who undergo breast augmentation. Smart Lipo offers versatility to remove stubborn pockets of fat and define the curves and contours that will create the most pleasing effect to further enhance your new breasts.

Mommy Makeover

Many of our patients who are through with family planning will opt to do a complete body makeover with a breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, or a combination of procedures, sometimes including intimate areas. A Mommy Makeover is a fantastic option to help reclaim the feeling of being empowered and desirable after the many sacrifices that motherhood requires.

What is the Cost of Implants in Los Angeles?

Dr. Younai and his dedicated team would love to start your journey so you can enjoy your new breasts for years to come. So call us at (310) 275-1971 to schedule your consultation; we look forward to meeting you!


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