Breast Augmentation with Lift

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Breast Augmentation with Lift in Beverly Hills

Combine the Benefits of Two Enhancement Procedures

Breast augmentation with lift is a combined procedure that provides both size and elevation to give your bust an optimal boost. Breast augmentation is a classic plastic surgery procedure, and one of our most popular. It is unmatched in providing our patients with an arresting sense of size and volume so that their breasts look fabulous. However, breast implants have very little to offer in the way of orientation. A breast lift will counter the effects of both age and gravity. In a breast lift, excess skin and tissue are often removed. Augmentation-mastopexy can combine the benefits of two enhancement procedures so that our patients may enjoy multiple dimensions of augmentation; your breasts will look both bigger and perkier thanks to augmentation with lift.    

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The augmentation-mastopexy procedure is ideal for women to counteract the effects of age and experience. Many women who have undergone massive weight loss, or who have been pregnant (or both) have seen an extreme increase in skin laxity as the years go by. This is true for everyone, but many women also experience overstretched and saggy skin.[1] Most of these women wouldn’t trade their wonderful life experiences for anything in the world. On the contrary, it is a desire to embrace the future and all its possibilities that moves them to seek change.  

“Ptosis” of the breasts is the clinical condition of having a dramatically drooping bust. The term is derived from the ancient Greek word meaning “to fall.” Women with advanced cases of ptosis will need to seek a holistic approach to correct the problem. 

Breast augmentation with lift provides a comprehensive change in a multitude of measurable dimensions: size, shape, ascent, etc. Combining the benefits of these breast enhancement procedures can correct the variety of issues that can all come on at once when a woman gets older. Aging mothers are especially vulnerable to sagging and laxity.  


The benefits of breast augmentation with lift are obviously twofold. While Breast Augmentation increases the size and responsiveness of small and listless breasts by adding to their overall volume, a Breast Lift will orient the breast and nipples in a more youthful trajectory.

Buoy your looks and your spirits with the benefits of a breast augmentation with the lift! 

Does a Breast Lift Make Them Smaller?

Part of the breast lift procedure involves the removal of saggy, excess skin and tissue, so the results of a mastopexy alone can make the breasts appear smaller. There have been some studies that confirm these anecdotal observations. Researchers performed a follow-up survey of 20 women who underwent a breast lift.[2] The women reported an average decrease of approximately one cup size, for instance going from a D to a C. All of the women were wearing the same brand of bra, so there were no variations based upon manufacturer sizing differences.


Qualified candidates for breast augmentation with lift are often suffering from extreme cases of breast ptosis. In these cases, increasing skin laxity teams with overstretched and damaged skin at the chest. These women experience sagging breasts but also a loss in overall volume, leaving their breasts looking deflated.[3] Ideal candidates for the procedure are otherwise healthy women who are inspired by a desire to improve their appearance.

The combined augmentation-mastopexy procedure achieves remarkable results by granting breasts both size and lift. 

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Dr. Younai will most likely perform your surgeries in a prescribed sequence. Beginning with mastopexy, the doctor will make the appropriate incisions for your breast lift. A breast lift requires the removal of excess skin and tissue so that the breasts can be drawn up and back to a more attractive inclination.[4] 

Breast Lift Incision Patterns

  • Donut Incision – encircles the nipple
  • Lollipop Incision –  adds a vertical incision to the donut
  • Anchor Incision – adds a low horizontal stroke to the lollipop

Silicone implants, on the other hand, provide the most realistic look and response. Many women prefer silicone implants because they offer outstanding results. Most silicone implants are resistant to rupture. They can be easily replaced and upgraded as the years go by.  

Once the mastopexy portion of your procedure is complete, Dr. Younai will proceed with your augmentation. Breast augmentation most commonly involves the use of breast implants, which may be silicone or saline, according to the patient’s preferences. Saline implants are filled with an inert saltwater solution. Saline is harmless to the body. In fact, it mimics many of the body’s natural fluids. In the unlikely event of a rupture, the saline liquid is harmlessly absorbed by the body.  

How Long Does a Breast Lift and Augmentation Surgery Take?

Augmentation-mastopexy takes about two to three hours to complete. The combination procedure is only a bit longer than either procedure would be by itself. Breast augmentation with lift is more efficient and cost-effective than performing the surgeries separately. And less time spent in surgery means fewer risks to the patient.  

How Much Does a Breast Augmentation with Lift Cost in Beverly Hills?

At your private consultation with Dr. Younai, he will come to understand your medical needs and your aesthetic goals. Every patient presents a unique set of challenges, and so Dr. Younai must devise an individualized treatment plan that is tailored to each of them. Once the doctor has become acquainted with your case, he will quote you an accurate cost estimate. You can browse our sample menu of plastic surgery pricing to get a sense of our fair prices. Our financing options allow our patients to pick a payment plan that is appropriate for them. In the meantime, you can read our rave reviews for a glimpse of the joyful days that await you. 


What is breast augmentation with lift?

Breast augmentation with lift is a combined enhancement procedure, also known as augmentation-mastopexy. As many women endure the “one-two” punch of both age and experience, it is often their bodies that take the unfortunate brunt of a life well-lived. The years have given them so much joy, but it has taken something from them, as well. Women who have been pregnant and/or have undergone massive weight loss will frequently see that their severely sagging breasts have lost a lot of size and volume.
But augmentation-mastopexy provides a cool solution to this panoply of problems so that your breasts present with boundless youthful buoyancy once more. 

What happens if you don’t wear a compression bra after breast augmentation?

The compression undergarment encourages healthy healing. It is important to wear your compression bra as directed by your doctor, and to follow any other aftercare instructions, as well. The fidelity with which you adhere to your doctor’s directives shall determine the length of your recovery and the quality of your results. 


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