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A lower eyelid lift renews the appearance of the eyes by removing surplus skin and fat deposits. [1] Unfortunately, with the aging process, the skin naturally loses skin elasticity as collagen production decreases and the natural stores of facial fat descend. This can make the area beneath the eyes appear puffy, wrinkled, and baggy. Thankfully, lower eyelid surgery can address these concerns. A simple, discreet incision allows for the easy removal of extra tissue and the tightening of muscles. As a result, you can look forward to an alert, refreshed look. Dr. Sean Younai and the staff of Younai Plastic Surgery offer a wide range of rejuvenating services to help you look your very best. Plan an informational consultation at our offices in Beverly Hills or West Hollywood. You can also call (310) 730-2741 to reach either of our offices and set up an appointment to get started! 


The eyes are the windows of the soul, and restoring their youthful appearance is an integral part of facial rejuvenation procedures. An eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty, can make a rewarding and significant contribution in combating the signs of aging. Many patients increasingly display the common signs of wrinkles, tired-looking eyes, and excess skin as the years pass. A lower eyelid surgery eliminates a tired, withered appearance and imparts a smoother skin texture to the area. The procedure involved a carefully made incision in the lower eyelid crease, or on the inside of the lower eyelid. Dr. Younai will adjust the tissue of the lower eye and remove excess skin and tissue. He may also choose to reposition stores of fat and adjust sagging muscles in order to avoid the “hollow” appearance that occurs beneath the eyes. 

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Patients will look distinctly younger with a simple lower eyelid lift. The removal of extra skin provides patients with a fresh, vibrant look. Patients can also count on:

A Refreshed, Youthful Appearance

Lower eyelid surgery can eliminate the fat and tissue build-up that can create a tired appearance even if you’re well-rested. It can also correct lax tendons that allow the skin to droop, improve the appearance of dark circles, and smooth out wrinkles and the crepey appearance of the delicate skin under the eyes. A lower blepharoplasty offers a long-lasting solution for those looking to improve the appearance of this prominent area. 

Ideal Candidates

Candidates who have grown unhappy with loose, sagging skin around the lower eyelids will have significant cosmetic benefits. A few other criteria details to note when considering this surgery include:

  • Being healthy without serious underlying medical or certain eye conditions [2]
  • Excess skin and fat around the lower eyelids
  • Unwanted wrinkles and creases near the eyes
  • Being a non-smoker or willing to stop before the procedure and for the duration of recovery
  • Have reasonable expectations of what the surgery can achieve

An informative consultation with Dr. Younai will help you learn more about the benefits of a lower blepharoplasty, and understand what this surgery can do for you. Another benefit of this procedure is that it can be performed at the same time as an upper eyelid lift, or other facial surgeries, such as a facelift. To get started, set up a meeting at our Beverly Hills or West Hollywood offices with this convenient online form. Or, contact us at (310) 730-2741 to reach either office and speak with our staff. 

Your Personal Consultation with Dr. Younai

Dr. Sean Younai is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 25 years of experience. His dedication to gracefully providing natural-looking results and dramatic improvement includes an individualized approach that places patient safety first. Whether looking to turn back the clock or to finally achieve the aesthetic goals that they’ve always desired, Dr. Younai has helped patients of all ages look and feel their very best. 

At Younai Plastic Surgery, we are sensitive to each patient’s specific needs, and Dr. Younai will take the time to learn more about you, and get to the heart of your ideal aesthetic. We want to understand the type of results you wish to see. Your personal consultation is the chance to be frank and ask questions in a supportive, educational environment. Dr. Younai will examine your eyes, paying special attention to the skin elasticity and function of your lower eyelids. After considering your unique anatomy and desired results, he’ll develop a personalized approach for optimal results. Once you understand and are comfortable with the surgical process and recovery, you’ll be able to make an informed and confident decision and look forward to your results! We’ll end the consultation by giving you a list of pre-surgical instructions to follow and scheduling your lower eyelid lift. 

Begin the process and schedule your consultation with Dr. Younai online, by calling (310) 730-2741, or making a virtual appointment.


Please follow your pre-surgical instructions closely in the weeks leading up to your surgery. Doing so will ensure a smooth procedure and great results! If you have any questions about the instructions, please don’t hesitate to call us. Below is what you can do to prepare:

  • Take a break from smoking a few weeks before and after surgery. Nicotine can delay healing and increase the risk of scarring.
  • Pause certain medications such as anti-inflammatories or supplements. Make sure to supply our office with a list of current medications you are taking. 
  • Go to the pharmacy beforehand and pick up medications prescribed by Dr. Younai.  
  • Pick someone you know to drive and/or accompany you home as the effects of the anesthesia will still be wearing off. 
  • Arrange for 1-2 weeks off from work to concentrate on healing. 
  • Come to your appointment with glasses, not contact lenses. 


Dr. Younai will start the surgical process by administering local anesthesia and a mild sedative for your comfort. Then, when you’re resting peacefully, he will carefully make a small incision along the crease of the lower eyelid, just below the lash line. In some cases, he may be able to make the incision on the underside of the lower eyelid, so that any scarring is invisible. [1] Dr. Younai will then remove excess tissue and skin from the area, being careful to create a smooth, natural-looking under eye with correct tension. He may also choose to reposition stores of facial fat or address other tissue irregularities.(3) Once finished, the incisions are sutured closed. The entire process should be completed within under an hour. 

Recovery and Results

Once you return home, your recovery process will begin. After your lower eyelid surgery, you may have feelings of mild discomfort, soreness, redness, swelling, and bruising for 7-10 days. You can moderate these feelings with the medications prescribed by Dr. Younai. You may also be directed to apply a lubricating ointment and cold compress to assist with irritation or dry eyes for a few weeks. During the first two weeks of recovery, you’ll need to wear glasses rather than contacts. You’ll also need to wear sunglasses when outdoors for about six weeks to protect the area from sun exposure as you heal. Plan on resuming light activities and work within seven days, and allowing another two weeks to pass before performing strenuous activity. 

A full recovery from an eyelid lift may take several months. With each passing week, you’ll see consistent and gradual improvements from your blepharoplasty as symptoms subside. 

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

An eyelid lift can be paired with additional procedures for patients looking to enhance other areas. Patients considering a lower eyelid lift may also combine their treatment with a facelift.

Also known as rhytidectomy, a facelift is a surgical solution that removes signs of aging, including wrinkles and fine lines. By making strategic incisions around the face, Dr. Younai will remove excess skin, reposition underlying tissue and tighten remaining skin to provide an attractive new look. 


Pricing for your treatment will depend on your unique condition. Final costs are determined by the details of your treatment plan and any additional procedures that you’ve chosen to include. Younai Plastic Surgery is sensitive to patients’ concerns, and we will be happy to discuss the pricing for your procedure in depth following your personal consultation. 


What is a lower eyelid lift?

Lower eyelid surgery corrects mild cosmetic concerns by removing excess skin and tissue around the lower eyes. 

Will I have scars after a lower eyelid lift?

Incisions from a lower eyelid lift can be concealed on the inside of the eyelid, or in the natural crease below the lower eyelashes. Once healed, these incisions are typically barely noticeable if visible at all. 


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