Upper Eyelid Lift

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An upper eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty, is a surgical process that removes the loose skin and fat above the eyes, as well as adjusting the delicate underlying muscles. While genetics can lead to ptosis of the eyelids, the normal aging process, and environmental factors, can also weaken the collagen and elastin needed for tight, firm skin. Without these two elements, the skin’s integrity starts to decline, leading to laxity and drooping. Weakened muscles of the eyelid can also exacerbate this condition. Eyelid ptosis can cause a tired, moody expression in patients, regardless of how they’re feeling. And, this condition can become severe enough to obstruct a patient’s vision. An eyelid lift addresses these issues by removing redundant skin and tightening the necessary tissues. In some cases, the muscle that surrounds the eye socket may also be altered to improve the appearance and function of the upper eyelid. [1] Dr. Sean Younai and his staff are dedicated to making patients look and feel their best. Schedule your consultation at our office in West Hollywood or Beverly Hills. We can also be reached at (310) 275-1971.

About Upper Eyelid Lift

The eyelids protect our eyes from trauma, light, and the elements. They also contribute to the aesthetics of the eyes, and the overall beauty of the face. Their movement produces expressions that communicate non-verbal messages. However, genetics or time can alter their appearance. Excess skin around the eyes may droop and compromised muscles can make opening the eyes a strain. An upper eyelid lift, or upper blepharoplasty, is one of the most performed facial surgeries and can correct the symptoms of eyelid ptosis. To understand what an upper eyelid lift can do, it is important to understand the mechanics of the eyelid. A system of tiny muscles attaches to the inside of the eyelid, allowing it to open and close. This attachment causes the crease that forms when our eyes are open. The area from this crease to the lash-lined lower edge of the eyelid is known as the tarsal platform. However, this can become concealed by excess fat or drooping skin. Medical professionals agree the distance of the tarsal platform and the distance from the eyelid crease to the brow should have a ratio of  1:1.618—the Golden Ratio. This ratio also dictates the ideal proportions for the other areas of the face. [2] Deviation from these proportions usually results in an unpleasant aesthetic, so maintaining these proportions is a crucial consideration for surgeons performing blepharoplasties. 

To perform the upper eyelid lift, Dr. Younai will make an incision hidden by the upper eyelid fold. Unnecessary skin and fat are meticulously removed. [1] These adjustments restore the ideal proportions of the upper eye area, as well as improve functionality. Then, the underlying tissue is tightened and repositioned. After the ideal aesthetic is perfected, the incisions are closed with sutures. 

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Upper eyelid surgery will revamp your look and restore a vibrant, youthful aesthetic with a more alert, engaged expression. 

Advantages of Blepharoplasty

  • Improved eye appearance and function
  • Routinely performed and effective procedure 
  • Restores a youthful contour to the area above the eyes
  • Reduces skin irritation 
  • Fewer wrinkles and creasing in the outer corners of the eyes
  • Delivers long-lasting results


Most patients in good physical health without significant eye conditions such as glaucoma are suitable candidates. Blepharoplasties have helped men and women of all ages regain a youthful appearance and improve their vision. 

Suitable Patients for Blepharoplasty

  • Desire to remove excess skin that creates a tired or upset look
  • Desire to correct puffiness, wrinkles, and fine lines around the eyes
  • Do not smoke or are prepared to stop until fully recovered
  • Have a good understanding of what the procedure can do
A personal consultation with Dr. Younai will answer your questions about eligibility requirements. To see if this procedure will work for you, schedule a meeting at our Beverly Hills or West Hollywood offices. Or call (310) 275-1971 to reach either office. 

Personal Consultation with Dr. Younai

Dr. Sean Younai is a board-certified plastic surgeon, whose skills and stellar reputation have led his services to be in high demand across Southern California–and beyond. International patients also come to our offices seeking his experience in providing natural-looking yet dramatic improvements to their appearance. He understands there is no one-size-fits-all method when treating patients’ needs. Instead, he and his staff embrace his patients’ individual goals and work dutifully to achieve them.

Your consultation will allow you to discuss your condition and ideal results so that we understand how to best serve your needs. We’ll start the meeting by asking questions about past surgeries and medication history during the patient intake process. Next, Dr. Younai will examine the upper eye area, paying attention to skin laxity and fat deposits. After he’s determined the right approach, we’ll walk you through the steps of how your upper eyelid lift will be performed and ultimately refresh your look. Finally, before you leave your consultation, our staff will provide you with a personalized list of ways to prepare for surgery. 

Schedule an in-depth discussion with Dr. Younai. Schedule a meeting online or call (310) 275-1971. Patients that are not local/not currently in the area or those too busy to come to the office can still meet with us! Fill out the easy virtual consultation form, and one of our staff members will contact you directly. 


Please follow your preparatory instructions diligently leading up to your surgery to ensure a smooth procedure and beautiful results

  • Abstain from tobacco until you are properly healed. Smoking, including e-cigarettes, can constrict blood vessels and prolong your recovery. 
  • Adjust medication as directed. Avoid taking certain NSAIDs and blood thinners. Provide our office with a list of any current medication you take. 
  • Go to the pharmacy and pick up the prescriptions ordered by Dr. Younai.
  • Make arrangements to have someone drive you home after surgery ends. Your ability to drive will be impaired because of the anesthesia, and your vision will be blurry.  
  • Take 1-2 weeks off from work to fully recuperate.
  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight before surgery.
  • Wear glasses instead of contact lenses, and protect the sensitive area with sunglasses when outside.


First, to make your surgery comfortable, we’ll administer the necessary anesthesia. Pre-surgical marks are then made around the eyelid to guide Dr. Younai throughout the surgery. Then, a discreet incision is made in the upper eyelid crease. He will then remove the appropriate amount of excess skin and fat using a cautery device and may also place sutures to tighten the underlying muscles. Once complete, the incisions are sutured closed. The procedure should take about two hours to complete.


The recovery stage should be over in as little as 1-2 weeks. [1] During this time, expect to feel mild discomfort, bruising, tearing, and discoloration. [1][2] To offset these symptoms, take the prescribed medication as directed. You’ll also be given prescription ointment to apply to the healing incisions. Secondly, remember to get plenty of rest. When you do, keep your head elevated with an extra pillow or two. Another solution is to apply a cold compress as directed by our staff. Most patients can get back to non-strenuous work in one week, with more strenuous movement resuming in three weeks. 


Following a successful recovery, you will begin to see a smoother, lifted, and younger appearance around the eyes. There won’t be any more excess skin tugging down or blocking vision. Best of all, the results are long-lasting. Patients can see results that last from 10-15 years. 

To get a preview of your anticipated results, read through the mountain of positive reviews we’ve amassed throughout the years. 

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

Your consultation will discuss your options for a revamped, energized eye appearance. Some treatments can be done separately or combined as a part of a transformative makeover. Dr. Younai may recommend these procedures:

Lower Eyelid Surgery

Patients with excess skin and puffiness under the eyes can receive a lower eyelid lift during the same surgical appointment as their upper eyelid lift. It is a similar procedure to the upper eyelid treatment. An incision is made in the lower eyelid. Redundant tissue and fat deposits are removed to create a younger-looking, more alert aesthetic.

Brow Lift

A brow lift procedure removes lines and deep furrows in the forehead that can form an angry or gloomy expression. By making a few incisions along the hairline, Dr. Younai can remove excess skin and tighten muscles to produce a refreshed look


A facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, provides an anti-aging solution for multiple areas of the face, including the forehead, mid-face, lower face, and neck. Often combined with eyelid surgery, this dramatic overhaul is done by making the appropriate incisions around the face to remove lax, loose skin, reposition the underlying facial structures, and anchoring the remaining tissue in place. The result is taut, smooth skin without wrinkles or fine lines.

Cost of an Upper Eyelid Lift in Southern California

The customized cost of your upper eyelid procedure accounts for multiple factors, including the extent of the surgery and any supplementary treatments added. Younai Plastic Surgery firmly believes in transparent pricing. The estimated cost of an upper eyelid lift ranges from $2,600-$4,500. Check out our financial resources page for further information about financing your procedure. 


Am I able to combine my upper eyelid lift with another procedure?

easily combine other procedures such as a brow lift with their treatment. A consultation with Dr. Younai will determine which methods work for you.

Does an upper eyelid lift improve vision?

While an upper eyelid procedure does not improve eyesight, it will clear your field of vision. This is because the removed skin will no longer hinder your vision.

Is an upper eyelid lift painful?

An upper eyelid lift is not painful. We administer the appropriate anesthesia so you’ll be comfortable throughout the process. Some discomfort may be felt during recovery. However, we’ll guide you on how to minimize pain during your recovery.

Are upper eyelid lift results permanent?

The benefits of upper eyelid lift surgery are long-lasting. Many patients enjoy their results for up to 10-15 years.


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